About us

We are Judy and Ed Shuster!

We are a former business owner and teacher from Pittsburgh, PA, and now proud coffee farmers. Alongside our farm in Opihihale, south of Captain Cook, on the Big Island of Hawaii, we also live in Asheville, NC. Kona Kaffee Farm began in 2006 with the purchase of 6 acres of vacant land in South Kona at 1200 feet above the Pacific. After discovering that we were in the prize Kona coffee belt, our passion for farming blossomed. 

With guidance from the Kona Coffee Farmers Association and several nearby farmers, we began our journey with planting 200 trees. The volcanic soil, adequate rainfall, Kona sunshine and organic fertilizer (never the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides) fueled our beginnings. We planted more trees and made the commitment to our land, our trees and ourselves to cultivate a new lifestyle in our retirement for both us and our family. 

Coffee farming is a true labor of love. People often ask us why we chose this journey instead of a "Mai Tai on the beach" retirement. We can say we have certainly found an unexpected passion and community we never could have imagined. The joy we find in hand picking, pruning, fertilizing, and caring for our trees has given us so much pleasure. We continue our explorations with attending workshops, classes, and talking coffee with anyone we can learn from!