Kona Kaffee Farm

Aloha from Opihihale, south of Captain Cook, on the Big Island of Hawaii!

In the glorious Kona Coffee Belt, our trees are planted at 1200' and farmed organically.

Our Kona Typica trees are pruned, fertilized, and nurtured to grow providing the unique, fruity taste that Kona coffee is known for world wide!

We hand pick, sun-dry, and only sell our beans classifying us as "Estate Coffee".

Our flavor profiles inlcude carmel, vanilla, apple, honey, cream, butter, floral, lemon, hint of cherry and warm spice.

As a member of the Kona Coffee Farmers Association,
we are constantly learning and improving our farming methods and processing practices. Our goal is to grow the best Kona coffee we can!

We are excited to reach new customers and promise you will enjoy our farm's bounty.

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Customer Reviews

Judy was very responsive to my messages and helped me pick the perfect gift for my coffee loving grandparents!


This is without a doubt the best Kona coffee ever! Always ships on time, I highly recommend!


So happy I found you! This is the best tasting mug of delight I've ever had!

Holly Robinson